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Struggling with finding real answers

with your health issues and getting results you want?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

It’s time uncover what’s been holding you back!

Get to the root cause once and for all!  

Meet Mia

Mia is a speaker and holistic health and mindset coach. She has been a nurse over 20 years and has her Masters in Nursing Administration and MBA. Mia is a master at helping people shift their mindset and results through health awareness, empowerment and enlightenment.  Her time-tested teachings from real-world experiences  empower and  inspire  people to continuously grow, transform from the inside out and step into their potential.







How I can Help

You are valuable and you matter. You are a PRIORITY.  

My greatest desire is for you to discover your truth, live energized and empowered, and take control of your health so you can become the best version of you in mind, body and soul.  I’ll give you all the tools an resources to help you create a healthy lifestyle full of meaning, purpose, optimal health and wholeness. I’m passionate about helping uplevel your results in your nutrition, gut health, detoxing and mindset so you can get to the next level. 


To eat is necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. With my guidance you’ll become empowered to make smart choices and experience energized eating!


I’ll help you raise your level of awareness, challenge your beliefs and empower you to take action so you can SHIFT your mind and breakthrough. 

Gut Health

80% of our immunity comes from our gut. Everything starts with your gut. Together we will work together on a plan to help you heal and seal your gut. A healthy gut is a healthy you.


I’ll help you discover the truth about detoxing and help simplify your life. Release the stress and toxins that have been holding you back and find freedom! Toxins in – Toxins out!

“I had reservations hiring a coach because of the conflicting information and advice I received over the years. Mia helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and I started making my health a priority again. Achieving this goal means I am no longer stuck in this area which affects my effectiveness in all other areas of my life. Mia’s coaching provided me a lot of useful tools and insight I’m still using on my journey. Her knowledge and passion made a positive difference in my life. She listened well and was full of energy and enthusiasm. I absolutely recommend Mia to individuals ready to make their health a priority.”                                                                                                     



“Mia came into my life when I was at a crucial turning point with my autoimmune issues. I was hesitant about trying something else where my money might go to waste and it would be another fad. After joining one of her programs I was able to get off my medications I was on for over 10 years  and gained more confidence in myself. Mia is the real deal. She’s always ready to help and very encouraging. I’m excited about being healthier and knowing I’m going to live a longer, healthier life. Now my family benefits from it and I’m starting to influence others around me too!